Soder wants the president – the fight for the candidacy in the union makes it clear. Now a Nuremberg CSU politician is criticizing Soder’s plans.

Nuremberg – For more than a week, the struggle for the CDU / CSU presidency has been one of the topics in Germany. Fight: Armin Lacet against Marcus Soder. The past few days have shown that this conflict continues to divide the union. Soder received support from many quarters of the sister party, for example the Jung Union. Now a former member of the Nuremberg State Parliament has spoken out, sharply criticizing Soder’s actions.

Hermann Imhoff was a member of the state parliament from 2003 to 2018 and made outstanding contributions in the fields of social affairs and health. In conversation with SZ, 68-year-old politician said: “I want Mr. Soder to gain insight and stop his urgent aspirations – to be responsible for the whole union and to consider the personal situation of Armin Lashett”. “Humility and human dignity. It is clear to Imhope that the Chancellor needs a candidate with” ambition and desire for power “to lead CSU * / CDU * to further success, but” he needs the ability to coordinate, the strength to compromise, the maturity and In inner balance. ”According to Imhop, a president should be a“ human role model ”in“ culture and style ”.

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The Nuremberg CSU politician criticized Soder in his fight for the presidency

One of the other criteria a president must bring with him is that you need an “integrated leadership style and a willingness to allow others to shine” to run a federal government. However, according to Imhop, Soder has not yet been able to demonstrate all of these characteristics.

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How In the statements, Imhoff mentions several politicians who stand primarily for their brutal attitude. “We deal with many rude leadership types around the world. I wish we had a different personality as head of state,” Imhoff said. In Imhop’s view, it is useless to look at what survey values ​​are. Values ​​are caused by the current epidemic. “If everyone is vaccinated, there will be other topics besides corona.” After that, a different leadership style may move again.

The fact that Soder reappeared next to Angela Merkel at press conferences during the Corona crisis gave him an enormous media presence, according to Imhoff. He knows how to use this better than Armin Lashett. The main thing to speak for the Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia is that, as Imhoff says, he is sensible, accepts opinions other than his own, and has a clear agenda. With Sodar it is not clear and how to believe Announced. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Five years ago, he said, he was still fishing on the right side, terrified by the word “refuge tourism”; Today he wants to present himself as an environmental activist. (ly) * / bayern is an offer IPPEN.MEDIA

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