Surprisingly good budget numbers for the mother of the Steyr Tratton man

The company announced Monday night in Munich that its operating return on sales should now be five to seven percent. So far, Tratton has assumed five to six percent.

The forecast does not include any expenditures or expenditures for the MAN Truck & Bus restructuring program or the planned acquisition of US truck manufacturer Navistar. According to Tratton, the pandemic and associated countermeasures in the countries concerned as well as the potential impacts on production and supply chains continue to cause uncertainty.

According to preliminary figures, the turnover in the first quarter was 6.5 billion euros. Adjusted operating profit was € 510 million and adjusted operating return on sales was 7.9 per cent. In an initial reaction, the share price is up by four and a half percent on the Tradegate trading platform.

The results were presented a few hours after negotiations began on a social plan for the workforce at the MAN plant in Steyr. The sticking point here are the differing views on whether the site guarantee that MAN revoked is still valid. After the failure of investor Siegfried Wolf, who was associated with massive cuts and lost income, the future of the plant of about 2,300 employees suffered. The opposition Socialist Party also introduced the issue of nationalization.



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