Home Top News Last info on Hannover 96’s home game against SC Baderborn

Last info on Hannover 96’s home game against SC Baderborn

Last info on Hannover 96’s home game against SC Baderborn

Initial stage:

SC Baderborn could be the head of the night table for at least 96, threatening to fall into an exit spot. The characters are clearly distributed, especially since no team gets as many points as Austwestfallon. At 96, after a 3-0 cup win over Dசsseldorf in the league, the form curve was down again, with no wins in the last six games. Paderborn is coming to Hanover with the hope of winning two in a row.


So far, 96 have celebrated only one home win against Baderborn: in 1982, Dieter Scotsnader scored two goals in the 2nd division against SCP’s former club TuS Schloß Neuhaus, 6: 1. Since the name change, the two teams have met only four times, with 96 not winning (0/1/3). However, the 96 current squad also includes a Paterbon expert. A native of Regensburg, Sebastian Stokes has scored three goals in three second division games. A Test match in the summer ended 1: 1, with Florent Muslija scoring 1: 0 on penalties.

Previous games between Hannover 96 and SC Baderborn were as follows:

Hanover 96 and SC Baderborn have met four times so far – twice in the first Bundesliga and twice in a Test match. The first fight of League Two takes place on Sunday (1.30pm). We watched the previous fights closely.


Staff Status at 96:

Goalkeeper Ron-Robert Zieler (calf) was out. Florent Muslija, Mike Friends and Lyndon Myna are lagging behind due to ill health. Trained by Lukas Hinterseer, Julian Börner is back to fitness.

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Employee Status at Baderborn:

Marco Stiepermann, Johannes Dörfler, Frederic Ananou, Marcel Mehlem and Maximilian Thalhammer are injured, while Julian Justwan, Felix Flat and Jamilu Collins are injured.

96 Coach John Zimmerman says:

Paderborn has had an exceptionally good season so far. You have some players who are in excellent condition. Well, this is a very powerful attacking team, and we have a lot of challenges. Of course: if a team is attacking and wants to play football against us, it does not have to be against us.

SCP coach Lukas Kwasniok says:

“We’re really dying for the game. Hanover is on the wall behind them. It’s not going to make the situation easier for us. We need a lot of discipline and greed.”


The 2G rule has been in effect for a few weeks in Hanover 96. Only those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered are allowed on the field. Theoretically, the HDI platform should be used at full capacity, but 96 is currently a long way off. Only 9,000 fans are expected on Friday evening, 1,000 of them from Paterbourne.


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