Liverpool FC: Jurgen Globe frenzy: “I’m tired of Mane’s condition” – Football

Liverpool FC: Jurgen Globe frenzy: “I’m tired of Mane’s condition” – Football

Liverpool FC celebrate ninth consecutive league win at Arsenal.

With a 2-0 win at the Emirates Stadium, the Reds narrowed the gap to Manchester City by one point. More tension in the championship match in England!


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This is Salah’s future at Liverpool

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So everything went well for Reds coach Jurgen Klopp (54). Want to think …

Because after the next great appearance of his eleven at the Emirates Stadium, the star coach was really angry. What bothered him? Dealing with his best striker Sadio Mane (29/12 goals this season). In Klopp’s view, the Senegalese players were not adequately defended by the referees, despite tough opposition from opponents.

After the final whistle, Klopp expressed his understanding: “Someone can explain to me why Sadio didn’t get free-kicks. He’s a king swallow. Do not tell me anything. He’s not. I know him better than anyone, he’s not!”

The former BVB coach made it clear: “I’m tired of getting a player out of the game, they could have done what they wanted. They did him wrong, there was no punishment.

During the game, Globe stood up several times with the fourth officer and argued loudly. In his view, anti-grain is an unequal treatment between enemies and mane.


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Vinicius Jr. faces humiliation very coolly

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Klopp’s example: “Then Ben White is in the corner. Sadio presses him, then he throws the ball more or less. No connection, but it’s still a free – kick for Arsenal, so it’s brilliant from Ben White.”

And: “But when Sadio does that, the whole stadium jumps up and the referee thinks ‘Oh my God’. I’m tired, which is why I was a little angry.

In the end, Globe was even happier about the victory, describing the victory as “really fat three points”.



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