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Lufthansa trains pilots on new Boeing jets in competition

Lufthansa is currently preparing to add two new types of Boeing aircraft to the fleet – including training for its pilots, which cannot be carried out only within the group.

With the Boeing 777X and 787, two new types of aircraft join the Lufthansa fleet. This goes hand in hand with the fact that pilots have to prepare the machines and require training on them. According to These training courses take place in competition, among others.

Pilots must have the necessary type classification

Lufthansa plans to add four Boeing 787s to the fleet before summer 2022, before the first 777Xs join the fleet two years later. Despite the delays – they were originally scheduled to be added in 2020 – preparations for the new machines are in full swing. The reason for this is that both new Boeing long-haul models are not part of the Lufthansa fleet, and therefore pilots have to prepare for the aircraft by obtaining their own type classification. For this, retraining courses are required, which require about 100 pilots for the Boeing 787 alone.

Lufthansa 777-9 / 777X

Since the Dreamliner and the 777X can be used with the same type rating, Lufthansa’s cockpit crew at least has less work to do. In order to receive this mandate, pilots have to switch to competing airlines.

Training at AirFrance and TUIfly Belgium

The pilots were able to complete the type rating of the Boing 777 during a four-month training course in Zurich at the Swiss subsidiary, thus using their in-house expertise. For the release of the Dreamliner type, the Lufthansa crews had to refer to rival Air France. In addition, Lufthansa relies on TUIfly Belgium for cross training and for take-off and landing training on real aircraft – both companies have been using the Boeing 787 for a long time.

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Air France B787

Specifically, according to the Lufthansa training pilot, training begins in the simulator, after which the procedures for flight operations follow. The pilots then return to the cockpit for further training. In the two-week comprehensive training sessions with subsequent flights, pilots then obtain a type rating for the other model.

We are the first pilots to be trained now. As complications, we will then instruct our colleagues internally.

Lufthansa training pilot

As a final step in the process, cabin crew and technicians on the first new machines must be trained on the new samples.

Conclusion of the training courses in the competition

The listing of the new 777X and 787 aircraft at Lufthansa entails a number of tasks, including retraining pilots for new aircraft types. Since this cannot be set internally, cockpit crews have to use competing airlines such as Air France or TUIfly Belgium for type classification.


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