Annika Lau (42) Shares Open Insights About Motherhood! The anchor has been married to actor Frederic Lau (32 years old) for more than six years. Meanwhile, the couple welcomed three children into the world. Talk about how they feel in daily life Anika And Frederick But only rarely. But now her hometown of Munich offers a detailed update of her children and their relationship.

Anika She was a guest at Grill den Henssler with her husband and spoke with presenter Laura Wontorra, 32, about raising her children: “Well, Freddy is a Minister of Fun in his own right, I must say. I’m a little too strict sometimes.” Every now and then, the two deal with themselves for a while. “We always meet when the kids are sleeping and then we always stay awake. We do the data at night at home”The 42-year-old explained. But recently they are gone for two whole days.

Anika But she also broke up about breastfeeding — and explained that it’s very difficult to wean her younger offspring from the breast. “He cried a lot when I tried”I remembered the sound of the previous radio. A year and a half later, I met a woman who advised her to simply hide her breasts. “I did it and it feels weird right now, but it worked,” she said happily.

Annika and Friedrich Lau in June 2015 in Berlin
Frederic Lau at Grill den Henssler 2021
Annika Lau and Frederick Lau in April 2018
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