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Claudia Norberg: Breaking her silence

Claudia Norberg: Breaking her silence

The life sign of Claudia Norberg, 50! For ex-Michael Wendler, 49, things got a little calmer last year, but now she’s back to her followers with a touching message…

Claudia Norberg: She’s back

Claudia Norberg pulled out last year: After her involvement in the jungle camp and the subsequent feud with former name Michael Wendler and his new wife Laura Muller, the 50-year-old seemed to want to take a break from the public for the time being, but eventually withdrew over several months.

Fans had to wait a long time in the hope that at some point Claudia Norberg would return to them. When they don’t even get to blatant headlines About the conspiracy theories voiced by ex-Michael Wendler, it sounded like the 50-year-old was كان It broke out once and for all.

The surprise was even greater when Claudia Norberg finally reported it online a few weeks ago. At the end of her daughter Adeline Norberg, the proud mother insisted on publishing some impressions of the graduation party. Claudia also accompanied her daughter to Los Angeles, where the 19-year-old is studying, as can be seen on Instagram.

More on Claudia Norberg, Michael Wendler and Laura Muller:

Claudia Norberg: Transmission of publication for those affected by floods

And now there is another one Sign of Life by Claudia Norbergبير – But sad wallpaper. The 50-year-old posted a statement a few hours ago expressing her condolences to those affected by the flood disaster. I posted these lines without comment:

My thoughts are with those affected by the flood!

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Devastating storms not only destroyed many communities in Germany, but also cost at least money 165 people life. Many people have lost their homes and have nothing left, as volunteers have been traveling for days from all over the country to help clear the rubble and make in-kind donations to the affected areas.

We join Claudia Norberg and wish everyone a lot of strength.


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