This is how dramatic Gerner's time in prison is

Many GZSZ fans are wondering if Kiez attorney Jo Gerner should really start a prison sentence. We’ll tell you what’s going to happen in the coming weeks and at this point we’re explicitly mentioning the spoilers!

Hardly anyone would have guessed that this time the famous lawyer would not find a way to avoid the impending prison sentence. He’s been able to pull his head out of the loop countless times before, but now there seems to be no turning back: Joe Gerner You must go to prison before Christmas!

The timing of the six-month sentence could not be worse: Iphone You will soon go blind and have to do without the support of your loved one. Many fans may hope that the lawyer will find a last-minute way out and celebrate Christmas with his family. But as RTL announced, you won’t get to that…

Prison set in place of Kolle-Kiez: that’s how it goes

like actors Wolfgang Bahru It was already revealed in the interview that he swapped his usual workplace, Kolle-Kiez, for a new location: a special prison complex was built for Gerner’s time behind bars, where the relevant scenes could be filmed. So Gerner won’t actually beat his prison sentence, so he’ll have to say goodbye to his wife Yvonne next week, on December 21, 2021. You can already watch the sad scenes live on RTL+ Premium from this evening.

Reunion with an old friend

By the way, Gerner’s imprisonment time will not be smooth, because the lawyer is about to meet an old friend again – and this is nothing but a nice friend: “However, he is afraid that one of his old acquaintances will take revenge on him in prison and is taken to the Gerner detention center for this only reason. To protect himself, Gerner hires an inmate to stand next to him as a bodyguard. However, there is a serious incident”, revealed actor Wolfgang Bahru in an interview with Cologne station. Well, if that doesn’t sound like a lot of drama and exciting weeks. We doubt it lower linostrame father’s actions Myriam Behnke, Sons of Gerners then Dominic And Patrick kidnapped. In retaliation, the professor is keen to send his opponent to prison, where he is currently serving a 13-year sentence.

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Many know famous Kiez lawyer Jo Gerner, but what about GZSZ star Wolfgang Bahro? Interesting facts about this 61-year-old that you might not have known before can be found in the video:

As always, Germany’s most successful dailies will be exciting. The coming months will show how Yvonne will handle her fate over the next few weeks, what challenges Gerner faces in prison and what happens in his absence at the Cool Keys.

Find out how to tune in Mon-Fri 7:40pm on RTL or in the GZSZ preview in the following reading tip:

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