Mark Terenzi: Breaking up with girlfriend Vivian Ehrlich Kleinau - people

This split comes as a surprise…

For nearly three years, singer Mark Terenzi, 43, and girlfriend Vivien Ehret Kleinau, 30, have been one heart and one soul. Mark’s official statement on his Instagram profile was very surprising.

“Fifi and I haven’t been together for a few months,” the musician writes. The breakup was clearly a good thing, because: “We are still good friends and she will always have a special place in my heart.”

They decided it was best for now so they could focus on their career. While Mark makes his money as a musician and travels a lot, Vivian’s life and work as an entrepreneur is centered in Berlin.

Terenzi told RTL, “I’m a romantic, and I believe in big love – at some point. It just didn’t fit right now. We have two different jobs: she’s in a company and I’m a musician. Those are completely different things.”

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