Home science COVID: What the new ‘standard guide’ offers in companies

COVID: What the new ‘standard guide’ offers in companies

COVID: What the new ‘standard guide’ offers in companies

Wearing a mask in enclosed spaces will not be compulsory from next Monday, with the exception of public transport and health institutions. In businesses too, constraint will decrease. And it’s not just her: The company’s health protocol will “disappear” next week, Labor Secretary Elizabeth Bourne announced on the LCI on Tuesday, two weeks after it was revised for the last time.

Since it was first published at the end of the first inventory in May 2020, there have been countless versions that have followed each other, sometimes softening as the pandemic set the time, sometimes hardening when a new wave started.

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The social partners were informed of this on Monday evening. “Everything is fine with the virus now that Putin is here,” smiled one of the participants in the meeting. He, like the others, admits of relief in the face of deregulation. “We welcome this news with relief but with caution,” however severe one may be, noting a slight resumption of Covid cases in recent days in France, and in most European countries.

Instead of 25 pages of the protocol, the Labor Department will put online on Wednesday a “highlight guide” that runs a two-sided page. Stressing that vaccination “remains highly recommended,” he recalls continuing hygiene measures such as regular hand washing and sneezing in the facility as well as the duty to ventilate the building. Added to this is “portable contamination risk prevention” which requires regular cleaning of contact points and objects.

However, the precautions for the so-called at-risk persons (cardiovascular history, heart failure, severe diabetes, obesity, etc.) health insurance. Contact case management, defined in the protocol, is no longer detailed but rather referred to the system implemented by the health insurance.

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“There is no legal value like protocol”

“The normative evidence exists to invoke existing law and point out resources that are beneficial to businesses, and it has no legal value like protocol,” the DOL specifies.

However, the business owner retains the responsibility to “assess the risks of exposure to the virus,” “implement preventive measures aimed at eliminating risks at source,” “reduce exposure as much as possible that cannot be eliminated” and “in the interest of “collective collaborative protective measures,” it notes. To the evidence.” “The risk of an employer taking responsibility if one of its employees continues to contract Covid,” confirms an occupational health lawyer.

Currently, cases of occupational disease identification are still limited in number. According to the latest known statistics, at the end of September 2021, 5018 complete applications for recognition of an occupational disease with health insurance were submitted, 82% of which relate to carers. A total of 1,690 of these files have been taken care of.

Staff suspended again with the end of the pass

The end of the vaccination corridor next Monday will be the reinstatement of employees in the sectors that were mandatory, three and a half months before the deadline set on July 31, the date on which the legislator authorized its application. Should the employer inform him of this in advance? Does the employee have to report from the fourteenth? Uncertainty continues at the moment regarding the terms of return to work.


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