Home science MAScIR Molecular Diagnostic Test Will Target HER2 . Breast Cancers

MAScIR Molecular Diagnostic Test Will Target HER2 . Breast Cancers

MAScIR Molecular Diagnostic Test Will Target HER2 . Breast Cancers

The Mesir Foundation teams presented, on Friday, October 29, the first Moroccan 100% molecular diagnostic test for breast cancer, Developed and biologically approved in Morocco and internationally.

This test is for HER2-positive breast cancer. Altogether, 15% to 20% of breast cancers are of the HER2 type. Knowing that such and such a patient is a carrier of this type of breast cancer allows her to benefit from targeted therapy, and thus is more effective. Today, research on HER2 status is regulated in developed countries among women with breast cancer.

This new Moroccan test “will be up for sale soon,” according to MAScIR. It is intended for healthcare professionals who will use it after a breast cancer diagnosis. The test is performed on a tissue sample of the malignant tumor.

This test allows the diagnosis and measurement of the mRNA that encodes the HER2 protein using RT-qPCR technology.

This diagnosis and measurement allow us to do soDetermining the type of cancer detected (HER2 case), which is an essential step in making the appropriate treatment decision, said Abdelazim Momen, director of the Center for Diagnostic Kits and Devices at MAScIR, who is also the scientific director of start-up Moldiag.

The test obtained a registration and production permit issued by the Ministry of Health, the same source adds.

Speaking at this press conference, Raja Aghzadi, Professor of Surgery, President and Founder of the Moroccan Breast Cancer Association and member of the Special Committee on the Development Model, noted that at present each case is treated differently, depending on the biological profile of the tumor.

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The kit developed by the MAScIR Foundation team is of paramount importance, because it is At the disposal of the Moroccan citizen. “We encourage products made in Morocco,” she stressed in passing.

For his part, Prof. Dr. Soha Sahraoui, Radiotherapy Specialist, Oncologist and Head of the Department of the Mohammed VI Cancer Center, appreciated that care has advanced a lot thanks to this type of equipment that will make it possible. To give a personalized treatment to each patient.

In Morocco, One in eight women is at risk of developing breast cancer in her lifetime. With nearly 10,500 women diagnosed each year, Morocco is particularly concerned about this pathology that characterizes it Highest rate of all cancers nationwide, or 36% of cancers and 28% of deaths from cancer in women.

Since 2010, the Ministry of Health has implemented the National Cancer Prevention and Control Plan. This plan includes screening and early detection of breast cancer as a national priority.

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