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This is how confident Princess Leonor is at the boarding school in Wales

These are the first photos of heir to the throne, Princess Leonor, 15, in the garden in front of her new boarding school. The young princess moved from Spain to Great Britain to attend UWC Atlantic College.

Leonor shows a big smile, although she is a little nervous: after all, a new stage of life begins for her. However, she shows herself very self-confident in the pictures. In some photos, you can still see her with the obligatory mask she had to wear throughout the flight.

In the other pictures you can finally see her pretty face again after a long time. The jacket she wore on her arm when she left Madrid, she decided to wear in Wales. The young princess must get used to the cold temperatures.

Princess Leonor: Now she can only see her family and friends sometimes

She wrote “HOLA!” The photographs are a good example of the enthusiasm with which Leonor takes on this new academic and personal challenge. For the first time, she has been away from her family, surroundings and friends for a long time. She can only see them occasionally now.

Princess Leonor has arrived in Wales

(© IMAGO / Lagencia)

The magazine also wrote that Leonor may have landed at Heathrow Airport in London. There she and other students were taken from the school by bus.

The trip to the boarding school took nearly three hours, during which time Leonor was in personal contact with her fellow students for the second time. Already in July, she met some of her Spanish colleagues at the UWC Hispanic Committee.

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She will also have a very special classmate. Princess Leonor is not the only student of a noble family there. Dutch Princess Alexia (16 years old) has already started her move to Wales.

Your wonderful adventure can begin now. It will be a great experience that Leonor will have for the next two years.

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Princess Leonor after her confirmation in Madrid on May 28, 2021


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