Scammers offered Beatrice Egli to attend the wedding: the man paid 75 thousand euros

Pop singer Beatrice Egli has many fans and would do just about anything for the 33-year-old. A gang of scammers took advantage of this. They offered the Swiss woman to attend the wedding without her knowledge and demanded a large sum of money.

Photo series with 20 photos

An elusive group reaches mischief online. Criminals target fans of Beatrice Egli. On the Hangouts side, they target gullible people. For example, in a conversation with the former baker in the Bernese Oberland, they described themselves as Beatrice Egli. “I love Beatrice, I wish we could be a couple,” Oberland explains when asked by Bild. “Her wonderful voice touches me. She took her to my heart.”

‘My savings ran out’

In March, the Swiss dream seemed to come true. It is alleged that Egli called him and told him about her awful management who had treated her poorly and would not pay her fees. The man believed the person on the other end, who was clearly not Eagley. She even briefed on the possibility of a wedding. Nor did he suspect when he was supposed to transfer the equivalent of €75,000 into an Australian account and then did so. Now the man complains: “My savings are gone.”

Many fans came to my father’s butcher’s shop in my hometown of Pfäffikon and told my mother about my alleged need,” said Egli in an interview with Bild. Even the priest answered because an unknown man wanted to book the church for the wedding.”

Six other cases were known

The Swiss woman learned of six other cases in which fans were deceived by scammers on her behalf. Eagle makes it clear that she will never ask for money from her fans. She knows her fans will go to the party for her, “but your loyalty to my music and to me as a person is the most valuable and no one on earth has to prove it to me with money.”

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On Instagram, Egli also makes it clear that she’s not looking for a groom. One of the photos shows the singer alone in the mountains. She writes, “Being completely with yourself. So important, yet so hard. I now thoroughly enjoy getting out into nature on my own, turning off the cell phone, taking a deep breath and noticing how little by little with each exhale the relaxation returns.”


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