Klum nominee Viola opens her pack after 'GNTM' exit: 'I've always felt so uncomfortable'

It’s going well for Viola: Soon after her “GNTM” exit, she became the face of Gaultier’s new campaign.Bild: viola.gntm22.official / instagram

Last week, fans of “GNTM” were shocked that, surprisingly, Viola did not receive a photo of Heidi – due to her somewhat clumsy, but always honest nature, many viewers immediately took her. Just a few days after her release, a gentle uproar ensued: Viola is the face of Jean Paul Gaultier’s new ad campaign. It is currently prominently placed on the official website of the fashion house. A huge success for Viola of course.

With Roman Wagner, Viola gave in again Youtube Review her time on “The Next German Supermodel” and reveal that she sometimes feels very uncomfortable with the recordings. In fact, according to her own statements, she actually does not want to be famous at all …

GNTM: Gaultier became aware of Viola early

“Comments from customers seem like they’re just afraid to book you because they don’t know what they’re getting from you,” Heidi Klum told Viola before the show came out. to be refuted.

The French fashion designer also served as a guest judge for the current season, but Viola’s current job isn’t based on that – in fact, the company has shown interest in the 21-year-old before. “Gautier was also a guest of the judge, so it has nothing to do with him,” the model reveals.

Viola had already caught the attention of fans in the first issue of the show – due to her sayings and the striking appearance of her pink hair, suspicion was expressed that the satirist Jan Böhmermann could have escaped her. The hype associated with this hasn’t escaped the fashion house either, as Viola now explains:

Viola expresses herself for Ramon Wagner afterwards "GNTM"-Director.

Viola talks to Ramon Wagner after her “GNTM” exit.BILD: Ramon Wagner / YouTube

Viola has talked a lot about not getting professional photos taken by GNTM. On the Klum show, according to her own perception, she did not have much screen time, although there was always a lot of interest from her fans. And if it is then seen more prominently, it often appears in the background.

Viola also expresses a theory about this in the interview: “I found this very funny with the cameras. I have always felt very uncomfortable in interviews and in front of the television camera. I would say the fact that I can’t be seen much because of that – that I’ve tended to veer away emphatically. “Viola is not yet used to the television cameras around her, she admits to Ramon’s request. Cameras Can you just not hide.

There is a lot of praise in the YouTube comments for Viola, who has clearly kept her feet on the ground despite her job at Gauthier. “She is so lovable, authentic, and down-to-earth – I hope you see and hear a lot from her!” For example, in your health, one of the users. However, Viola finally says that all the fame she’s experiencing right now isn’t actually her thing. When she leaves the house, she is recognized “very often”, which is still unfamiliar to her. expressly acknowledge:

So Viola still has to come to terms with this aspect of being a model. On the one hand, she thinks it’s okay for people to spontaneously come to her and compliment her, but she doesn’t really need that. Viola also finds the fact that she is “consistently seen” in public as “stressful” and “a bit stressful”. Although she only leaves the house wearing a hat, she jokes, “It just doesn’t work.”



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