Torsten is jealous of dogs.

Rancher Torsten got into the dog: Together with Karen, an early retiree, the two Yorkshire Terriers also moved to his farm. The farmer doesn’t like it at all, because four-legged friends are supposed to bother with expressions of love: “If I want to exchange affection, they’re on my way,” Thorsten complained when he wanted to make himself comfortable in a sofa with Karen and a bottle of champagne.

One of the barking bastards actually sat between the little former saleswoman and the fat cattle farmer. A little later, a dog jumped into the lap of the East Westphalian: “Go!” , groaned the farmer, whose love of animals is probably limited to cattle. Karen insisted: “No, no, don’t take off!” “Only on the side.”

Will that still work with the two – or the four? “I think she exaggerates dogs and her love of animals,” Torsten explained. “Then my mood will decline again.” But Hessian had little understanding: “Thorsten is jealous of dogs. I can still distinguish between humans and animals.”

Also outrage at organic farmer Matthias: “It’s disgusting, it’s disgusting!”

Knatsch was also up in the air with organic farmer Matthias. However, between his two ladies-in-waiting. Make-up artist Sabrina critically considered how much nanny Melina went to great lengths to impress the attractive farmer. It all started with the “chicken challenge”: the 33-year-old suggested that “the first person who catches a chicken gets a kiss on the cheek”. Zach, Melina has already caught a flying bird. Matthias did not hesitate for a long time either and began to hug on his outstretched cheek – it was more like a neck. His comment: “You can do that more often.” Competitor Sabrina was less happy: “You don’t have to be fooled by that now.”

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But even at the disposal of pigs, Milena again received praise from the farmer. When she agreed to drive a wheelbarrow full of manure into a trailer, Matthias was delighted: “As if I had done it before.” It sucks, it just sucks! She wants to prove herself first, as the best! “

Melina would also like to get rid of her rival: “When Matthias was very close to me, of course it was also fun,” she admitted after the three came close to petting the pigs. “If I were alone, of course it would be better.”

Candidate Catherine: “We found three”

The agricultural engineer, Bjorn, has two women on the farm. But the quick trio unanimously made an unusual decision: they did not want to risk their friendship for love. “We came to look for love, and the three of us found each other,” Catherine explained. “A terrible idea that someone has to go. It’s hard to imagine that we would break up.”

Austrian Danny saw it the same way, but suggested: “I don’t want to get in your way. If you say now that you feel something about him.” But Catherine waves to her: “That’s really cool, I had exactly the same thoughts.”

Fortunately, farmer Bjorn did not develop any feelings either: “I realize that this is more friendly to me, which also shows that I do not want or cannot make a decision.” It could have been explained. The three toast their friendship.

“I chose a little good,” Bjorn said. “If I had gotten to know them individually, maybe something would have arisen from them. I don’t know.” But it was ‘absolutely cool’ by the end of the farm week. “I have no regrets.”

Knight in the chicken coop?

Nils the cow rancher had no such fancy problems. But he could focus entirely on Sabrina the Waiting Lady. The two get along brilliantly, even if the teacher makes a simple mistake at first: “You always have to look at me while I’m talking,” the hearing-impaired farmer explained after Sabrina turned to his animals while telling the story. “Well I can do that. I promised ‘I am able to learn.’ Niels was delighted: ‘With Sabrina I have the feeling that she has accepted my handicap.”

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In the chicken coop they chime in wonderfully. “I don’t dare touch the reared hens because they will start to peck,” Niels admitted. So Sabrina has to give it a try. Not really gentleman. But the 28-year-old did not notice. When Nils finally got the animals outside, protected by leather gloves, I was elated: “Very gentleman he got the chickens out and I didn’t have to touch them.”

In general, the chicken coop does not seem like Niels’ favorite place. It would be practical, for example, if someone else could do a quarterly waste disposal in the future: “Because everything is full of dust – and then I have dirt in my nose and it starts to smell bad.”

After all: Niels will probably continue to do the cooking himself. The health-conscious farmer was surprised when Sabrina suggested her favorite dish: pasta with sugar. Then there were egg noodles – from their own chicken coop.


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