In the future, the John Deere 6R tractor series will consist of 14 models between 110 and 250 hp. On Monday, the manufacturer introduced four new tractors, including the 6R 150 four-cylinder, geared primarily toward mixed farms, and the 6R 185, six-cylinder, a tractor designed specifically for transport.

Auto setting

The main new feature of the 6R Series is the integrated 1-Click-Go AutoSetup system, thanks to which dozer and implement settings can be made much faster and easier. In the field, up to 90% of screen clicks may be unnecessary for the driver – the tractor is always perfectly tuned. All necessary settings can be planned and managed in advance in the cloud, including agricultural data such as field boundaries, routing lanes, and prescription maps.

Once the tractor crosses the field boundary, the saved profile is automatically available and even drivers who do not operate the tractor regularly can work consistently and precisely and avoid errors.

While the automatic setup makes life easier for drivers, John Deere has also made it more convenient. For example, the dashboard behind the steering wheel is no longer there. This is said not only to improve forward visibility, but also to control functions via CommandARM and the correct console. All settings and screens are available on the corner display.

New joystick

Another new feature is the electric joystick, which is especially useful when working with the front loader. The driver can freely configure the arrangement of buttons and easily change the direction of travel using the reverse button, while a special hand recognition system replaces the previously used safety cover.

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Weight system and IPM

There is a dynamic front loader weighing system that enables weight while driving without the tractor being stopped. With the help of site feedback, the front loader can also be placed in the correct position with just one click, while the horizontal alignment prevents the bucket load from spilling.

IPM (Intelligent Energy Management) is even smarter in the new 6R Series. This means that in addition to IPM functionality for transmission and PTO applications, additional power is now provided for hydraulic applications as needed.

Four-cylinder models can now produce up to 20 horsepower and six-cylinder models up to 40 horsepower when using hydraulic fans, pumps, and even more energy-intensive hydraulic accessories such as tensioners, slurries and seed drills.

StarFire Satellitenempfänger

From the end of 2022, John Deere will provide more accurate farming performance with the new StarFire satellite receiver. That being said, no matter what signal correction accuracy growers choose, a driver can benefit from excellent signal stability with this new receiver when working in hidden areas.


6R 185

John Deere explained Monday, the new 6R 185 is aimed at farmers and contractors looking for a compact, versatile and powerful six-cylinder tractor that is primarily used for transportation, but can also meet the high demands on hydraulic performance.

Generates up to 234 horsepower of maximum power with intelligent power management for transmission, PTO, and hydraulic applications.

With a short wheelbase of just 2.76 metres, the 6R 185 is also an agile and more compact tractor than the larger models of the 6R series, which have a wheelbase of 2.8 or 2.9 metres. Thanks to this feature, in combination with the 6.8-liter PowerTech PSS engine and AutoPowr transmission, the tractor is especially fuel efficient on the road.

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6R 150 . engine

Farmers on mixed farms prefer to use four-cylinder tractors, but do not want to compromise on performance. With maximum output rated at 165 PS or 177 PS with intelligent power management, the 6R 150 is now the largest four-cylinder model in the series.

Tire size has also been increased, with rear wheel options available up to 650/65 R38. Given the short wheelbase of only 2.58 metres, the machine should be particularly easy to maneuver.

The 6R 150 tractor has a low curb weight of 6.5 tons and a permissible gross weight of 10.45 tons, and therefore provides a very high payload of 4 tons. This enables it to combine the performance of a six-cylinder tractor with the advantages of a four-cylinder machine: compact dimensions and light weight, combined with agile and versatile performance, John Deere explained on Monday.

Lifting force of rear hydraulics has been increased by 12% for lifting heavy equipment. The 6R 150 engine also provides a larger 155-liter hydraulic pump, which, in conjunction with the dynamic weighing system, provides important front-loader performance advantages.


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