You have to pay attention to this with antifreeze!

2022 AMG Winter Experience 5 Safe: You have to watch that with antifreeze!

Winter has already begun and the first snow has already fallen. Especially in the area around the editorial office (at the foot of the Fichtelberg) it was white for a few days and we say sure every morning “car scratch“.at least if there is no garage or parking heater. It is considered good time for the car winter festival close. So, depending on the time of year, we have some brief information on the topic of “How to protect your car in winter“Be prepared. In winter it is important to protect the car from the cold, even if it is not necessarily cold.

Also important: the windshield washer system

Washer fluid, headlight wiper, antifreeze e1606134448390 is safe in winter: pay attention to that with antifreeze!

Above all, she must windshield cleaner Protect from cold with appropriate glass washer fluid (up to approx. 20°C). So it applies Not only They are suitable for winter tires, and frost protection also plays an important role. The frost protection of the radiator should also be higher which – which. -25°C Be steady to avoid damage to the cooling system. It is also important to clean the radiator every few years, that is, at regular intervals, change. This must be done because frost protection will be used over the years. So you should also check the fill level regularly.

The coolant Glysofor Antifreeze Tuning e1578634786937 is safe in winter: you have to think about it with antifreeze!

Of course, that wasn’t the end of it!

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