Finger zeigt auf WhatsApp-Symbol.

Sending money to contacts on WhatsApp already works in Brazil, for example. Even before the job begins in other markets, the Meta subsidiary is already working on the future. as the edge According to reports, the chat service in the United States is currently testing the transfer of cryptocurrency via the app. The functionality is currently only available to a few users. They have some advantages to this.

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WhatsApp works with Novi

To send the digital currency to other users, testers simply click on the paperclip (Android) or plus sign (iOS) icon and then select the “Payment” item. According to a tweet from Novi President Stephane Kasriel, there are no fees for transferring funds. The digital dough ends up instantly with the other person.

still security

According to The Verge, the new payment method has no impact on the messenger’s end-to-end encryption, which now runs in a standardized way for every conversation. It is not yet possible to predict when and whether payment will be made in cryptocurrency or other currencies in Germany. Since the WhatsApp functionality is only available in English and Spanish, you should not hope for a quick fix.

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