Home Economy Two women and one man: These are the new Volkswagen Supervisory Board members

Two women and one man: These are the new Volkswagen Supervisory Board members

Two women and one man: These are the new Volkswagen Supervisory Board members
Volkswagen AG's virtual shareholder meeting the previous year.  Copyright: Volkswagen

Volkswagen AG’s virtual shareholder meeting the previous year. Copyright: Volkswagen

Bertina Morkovic From Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and Ulric Jacob (Volkswagen Castle) as well Hans Peter Fischer Withdrawal of senior executives from the board of directors.

To this end, a trained tool maker, digital solutions expert, and luxury vehicle and product launch specialist will join the group’s Supreme Council.

In addition to Daniela Cavallo, strong chair of the Volkswagen Business Council, three women will continue to sit on the supervisory board of the company’s employee bank.

At the Wolfsburg Volkswagen Group, the workers’ camp elected three new members to the company’s supervisory board. This comprises of a total of 20 people, ten of whom are provided by shareholders and workforce. The meeting will be chaired by former Volkswagen chief financial officer Hans-Dieter Buch.

Daniela Novak, Simon Mahler and Arno Homburg will be the new members of Volkswagen’s senior supervisory board. Bertina Morkowicz and Ulrike Jacob as well as Hans-Peter Fischer will leave the supervisory board of the multinational mobility company.

The new mandates will take effect at the end of Volkswagen’s annual general meeting scheduled for May 12 this year. The shareholder meeting, once again seen as a hypothetical event, begins at 10 am.

Daniela Novak, Volkswagen’s new-appointed board member, is president of the Business Council at the Volkswagen plant in Braunschweig. At the age of 16, Nowak began an apprenticeship as a tool maker at this factory, which specializes in components and employs more than 8,000 employees.

Simon Mahler, also 51, is president of the Volkswagen Business Council for Volkswagen Financial Services Profits in Braunschweig. The business economist is a member of the advisory board of VW FS Digital Solutions GmbH and a member of the collective negotiation and negotiation committee of Volkswagen AG.

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Arnaud Homburg, 53, will move to Volkswagen’s board of directors as a representative of senior management. The engineer with a PhD recently managed the so-called Pilots Hall at Volkswagen. Previously, he was responsible, among other things, for the entire development of the vehicle at British Volkswagen subsidiary Bentley and for technical conformance at Audi.

More than 900 delegates from about 130 German companies of the group participated in the elections, which took place at the headquarters of Volkswagen in Wolfsburg. Daniela Cavallo, Chair of the Group Business Council, and Jörg Hoffmann, IG Metall’s first president, will continue to lead the staff bank on the VW Supervisory Board.

Cavallo explained: “As employees, we will continue to represent our claims with the usual confidence: Our company’s transformation must be just. Profitability and job security are two equally important goals and will remain so.”

Hoffman declared that the matter is known: “We also want to cooperate in dealing with potential conflicts with the board and the capital side in the future – but as is well known, we also know how to assert ourselves against resistance if necessary.”

A mandatory 30 per cent gender quota has been implemented in Germany since 2016 for supervisory boards of listed and selective companies such as Volkswagen. In Volkswagen, both banks master this stake separately. “At 40 percent, the staff side more than meets this requirement, which will also apply to the new elections on Thursday,” the labor camp said.


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