Switzerland shock European champions
Italy should now shudder strongly about the World Cup

Italy need to shudder about qualifying for next year’s FIFA World Cup: European champions must finish second in their qualifying group and advance to the complex playoffs. The initial decision has already been made.

Horror in Italy, joy in Switzerland: European football champions Italy have been given a ticket to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, which they believe is safe. In contrast, Switzerland qualified directly for the match with a 4-0 (0-0) victory over Bulgaria.

In the parallel match in Northern Ireland, Squadra Azura did not go 0-0 and had to allow Switzerland to pass. With second place in Group C, Italy can advance to the final through the playoffs. However, many high quality teams are already waiting there. Portugal with superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, Poland with world footballer Robert Lewandowski or Sweden with Sladen Ibrahimovic. The Norwegian players of Earling Holland will also end up in the playoffs.

“We on this team should have made this clear beforehand and now we need to fix it in March,” said coach Roberto Mancini, who was utterly shocked. In a direct comparison last Friday, Italy missed the big chance of a sober team final: Jorgenho missed a penalty at the last minute. Instead of three points than Italy, both teams went to the final with the same number of points. With a terrifying end to Italy.

Kane manages a lightning four-pack

England are also in the World Cup in Qatar. At 10-0 (6-0) in San Marino, Harry Kane was the top scorer with four goals. He scored all the goals in 15 minutes, including two penalties. Poland need to go to the play-off round. Robert Lewandowski from FC Bayern Munich is missing every corner with a 1: 2 (0: 1) against Hungary.

Italy had more play in Belfast, but the guests were unable to convert their superiority into goals. The team received no help from Bulgaria because they returned to Switzerland after the break. Nova Okafor (48th), Ruben Vargas (57th), Cedric Eaton (72nd) and Remo Froeler (90th +1) were among the Swiss cheers. “I have to commend the team for what they did in this campaign and how they played. They always believed in it, now we did it, that’s our goal, and now we are all happy and proud,” said Captain Shardan Shakiri. 100th International Competition.

In Group F, it was clear before the final day that Denmark would advance to the final. However, in the end, the 1992 European champions missed out on their tenth victory in their tenth match. At 0: 2 (0: 1) in Scotland, John Souther and Che Adams qualified for the dance. Scots can still expect a second. However, Austria reached a compromise. The team that advanced to the playoffs through the Nations League was fourth, beating Moldova 4-1 (2-0).

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