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Merkel after the G7 meeting on Afghanistan: “Without the United States we cannot continue the evacuation” – Politics Abroad

“No new data” at the end evacuation mission – This is the result of the G7 conference, as Chancellor Angela Merkel (67) explained in a press conference after the summit. US President Joe Biden (78) No new date has been set for the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan.

Sbeesh: The evacuation in Afghanistan ends on August 31. However, Merkel has not yet been able to say exactly what that means “over time”.

Instead, she stressed the importance of cooperation among the G7 nations – particularly the role of the United States. “Without the USA, for example, we cannot continue the evacuation campaign,” Merkel said.

For now, local employees are being relocated “in addition to German citizens of course, and in some cases also local employees from other countries,” according to Merkel. “But also people who have been particularly committed to human rights, including a lot of women.”

In addition, the G7 is currently working on a schedule of appointments with Taliban – These negotiations should be conducted jointly with the G7 countries.

Because: With the end of the evacuation mission, a new phase begins “for which we are already very intensely prepared internally”.

▶ ︎ So it’s about ensuring that, even after the mission ends, “if possible, local staff and people in need of protection can still leave the country.” The operation of a civilian airport also plays a central role.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had earlier announced that he wanted to ensure safe passage for Afghans who wanted to flee after August 31. Ahead of the G7 summit, Britain and other European allies urged an extension of the US military operation beyond the previously set August 31 deadline.

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BUT: Biden is committed to an end date. He pointed out that it is difficult for the West to impose its values ​​on Afghanistan.

Merkel pledged financial aid to Afghanistan: in addition to 100 million euros in emergency aid, another 500 million euros will be made available. “Primarily because development cooperation with Afghanistan itself has stopped for the time being,” Merkel said.

Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, 59, had previously spoken in favor of an evacuation agreement with the Taliban at the time after the German armed forces’ current mission – no matter how long it takes. Kramp-Karrenbauer said the goal is to ensure that former aides from the German armed forces and federal ministries can still be flown in and who are currently unable to come to Kabul airport. “We definitely need a solution and an agreement with the Taliban that goes beyond the actual evacuation mission.”

To date, the German armed forces have transferred about 3,800 people from Afghanistan.

On Wednesday, Merkel will deliver a government statement on the situation in Afghanistan at a special session of the Bundestag. This is followed by a debate in Parliament. The Federal Government wants to ask the Bundestag to agree to the task of evacuating the armed forces.

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