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A new version has appeared in Australia

PS5 remains a block. (Photo: Sony)

Playstation 5 received its first facelift. It appears that Sony has quietly and discreetly improved its console in a few areas that the average gamer might not have noticed.

A new type of popular Playstation 5 has appeared in Australia. Meanwhile, new PS5 releases have also been discovered in the US and Japan. who – which computer base reports. The new model has a few innovations that will especially please the hobbyist who regularly messes with the console.

If you want to attach the Playstation stand, you don’t need any additional tools. Until now, the screw had to be loosened with a screwdriver, but the revised version has a new screw with a grooved head and significantly wider, making it easier to tighten the screw by hand. Anyone who hoped the new screws would make it easier to access the inside of the console will be disappointed. For example, to expand storage with an SSD, you still have to use a screwdriver.

Significant decrease in weight

However, what can be clearly seen is the reduced weight of the PS5. In general, the new version saves about 300 grams. However, it is not clear where exactly the changes were made to reach a total weight of 3.6 kg. The original version of the console weighs 3.9 kilograms as the digital version without a motor. The drive version weighs 4.5 kg. In addition to the large internal power supply, this is also due to the heat sinks of the CPU and GPU. It remains unclear if smaller heat sinks will be used in the new variant.

The new model is numbered CFI-1102A or CFI-1100B. Older versions run under CFI-1000 or CFI-1000B.

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