ESC 2021: disappointment for Germany candidate Jendrik - audience annoyed by

Opinions about Jendrik’s performance differ among the German public.

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Jendrik is Germany’s hope with “I Don’t Hate Hate” at the ESC Finals. But fans’ opinions on social media are divided.

Rotterdam – Gendrick succeeded his performance in the ESC Final in 2021. His initial number was 15. Even before his performance, Germany shared all kinds of opinions about his song “Don’t Feel Hate” on social media. Not every ESC fan nor all TV viewers found his success well, the singer has also confirmed this in numerous interviews. But after his hit on stage, audiences are now divided.

ESC 2021: Jendrik after his performance in the Eurovision Song Contest – that’s what fans think

The official online betting site Bookmaker had given up on participating in ESC in advance. But on Twitter, several users commented on the 26-year-old’s look. “Well, it’s not my favorite song at all now. But Jendrik definitely created a good mood through his performance,” “Well, you have to give him one thing – the song really has catchy melody potential!” Plus, “Jendrik brings a very good mood song!” , Are the comments. “Just watch ESC. I feel more entertained than I thought. And the German participant Jendrik didn’t feel embarrassed this time. Quite the opposite. Today I even keep my fingers crossed for a good spot. My best so far: Portugal,” said one of my viewers the television.

ESC 2021: disappointment for Germany candidate Jendrik

However, many TV viewers were not convinced of our hope for Germany in the ESC Final. “Sorry, but the song and the performance are just annoying,” and also, “I think Jendrik is at least very elegant and enjoys everything. Unfortunately, the song is not really good and you will have to question the entire initial decision system in Germany,” one user said. “A horror song,” an ESC viewer said. However, negative comments do not drag the singer down: “I’m not afraid to end up at the bottom. Of course that would be a disgrace, but I won’t be upset. I’ve had a lot of encouragement from many countries here.” The 26-year-old said at meeting with Build. How Jendrik will feel after his performance in the ESC Final in Rotterdam – he will definitely keep his fans and followers updated. At the latest after awarding points.

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