This is behind Harry and Meghan's 'Time' cover outfits

Updated September 16, 2021 at 3:39 pm

  • The outfits Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan wore on the cover of Time magazine were carefully considered.
  • Upon closer examination, many details catch the eye, behind which various meanings disappear.

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Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are among Time magazine’s “100 Most Influential People in the World”. The magazine announced the list on Wednesday.

The couple also landed on the cover of ‘Time’. The outfits and accessories of the British royal and the former American actress were not chosen by chance, there are a lot of details behind them.

Duchess Meghan presented her collection of exquisite jewelry, valued at 384 thousand dollars (about 325 thousand euros).

Megan has a valuable jewelry collection

Among the luxury items, in addition to the engagement ring, which cost $350,000, there are also some of Meghan’s favorite pieces: the $23,000 Cartier gold watch that belonged to Princess Diana (1961-1997) and was presented to Harry in the first few years of the relationship . In addition, the Duchess collected a love bracelet from Cartier, which cost 6,900 dollars (about 5,900 euros).

While some of Meghan’s “Time” cover pieces have already been photographed on various occasions, she’s also added a never-before-seen piece to her accessories: She wore a $525 New York chiffon diamond ring. (about 450 euros) that loud “Mail Online” To symbolize female power.

Meaningful colors

While Prince Harry wears black on the cover and Duchess Meghan wears white, the two in the photo from the photo session, which the two showed on their homepage, are wearing green uniforms.

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The high-contrast black-and-white clothing on the ‘Time 100’ cover signifies its ‘position as an influence’, while the coordinating green ensembles represent ‘peace and growth,’ the designer also reveals. “Mail Online”.

It shows that they get along with each other and that they love and support each other. Fashion designer Rochelle White continued, “The contrast between black and white fashion is seen as a sign of modesty. It’s a timeless and classic color palette in fashion.”

The celebrity couple was designed by Claire and Nina Halloroth, who actually worked with Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt.
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In January 2020, the royal couple announced that they would step down as senior royals and from now on mainly wish to live in North America. It is now known that the United States was not the first choice of the dropout couple. Originally, they envisioned another country as their place of residence.


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