After a disappointing start to the Champions League, Paris Saint-Germain threatened defeat to French world champion Kylian Mbabane. In their first joint Premier Class appearance on the side of superstar Lionel Messi, MbappĂ© was transferred after a half-time break at 1-1 at Club Bruges. “He twisted his ankle and already had problems with both ankles”, Coach Mauricio Pochettino said Wednesday evening RMC game. “We’ll see on Thursday if we have more detailed information.”


With newcomers Messi, Mbabane and Neymar, PSG’s star team has yet to deliver the expected glamor. “We need time for them to develop an understanding of each other,” said Argentina Pochettino. “It’s clear. We’ve already said the last few days. We still need to form a team. We do not have a good evening. We need to be calm, work, take the time we need. It will be fine.”

Bruges Hans Vanagen (27th minute) equalized for PSG 1-0 through Ander Herrera (15th). With the crossbar, Messi had a better chance to lead the guests back, but due to the strong performance of the Belgians, the favorite was better presented with a point at the start of the opening round. In Group A, Paris will face Manchester City in two weeks, initially beating RB Leipzig 6: 3. On October 19, the French runner-up receives the Saxons.

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