Breakfast TV: Marilyn Lofven has the wrong plan -

“TV Breakfast” (Saturday 1): Marilyn Lofven has a crazy plan – “Do you see the panic?”

Sat.1 Breakfast TV: These are the mediums

Sat.1 Breakfast TV: These are the mediums

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Geez! Singer Alec Folkl visits The BossHoss at saturday 1 tv breakfast It got a little out of control.

Because “breakfast tvModerator Marilyn Lovin cracked a crazy rock ‘n’ roll plan.

“Breakfast TV” (Saturday 1): Lufen plans to turn into Alec Völkel

In fact, Alec Folkl was just looking for a quiet morning atbreakfast tv“Sat. But Marilyn Lofven redesigned it a bit.

The two interviewers are sitting in Lichten’s small office in the studio. “It feels a bit like being in a nail salon and having something to give there,” says Alec. The “BossHoss” singer is out for fun: “Then let’s do this right away.”


This is the “TV breakfast” SAT 1:

  • Sat.1 Morning Journal reports on current world events, trends and daily advice since 1987
  • The team of moderators consists of Marlene Leuven, Karin Heinrich, Matthias Keeling, Alina Merkau, Christian Wackert and Danielle Buschmann.
  • Presenter Jule Gölsdorf has also appeared in Sat 1 since the spring of 2021
  • The program is broadcast live from Berlin from Monday to Friday from 5:30 am to 10 am.
  • There are always distinguished guests at the show
  • News, recipes and horoscopes are also captured on Breakfast TV
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Two of Alec Völkel’s nails shine bright red very quickly: “I could get used to it, it matches the tattoo well,” he jokes. After all, he has a three-month-old daughter, so it may happen more often in the future that he has to paint his nails.


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But when Marilyn Lofven approaches another change, it becomes too much. “You, your hair can be used to make really beautiful braided hairstyles,” she suggests. Alec Folkl laughs, then moderator Daniel Bushman steps in.

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“Do you see the panic in his eyes?” He says and then confirms, “You don’t have to do that this morning.” Phew, lucky!

On the other hand, there was a tragic incident in the introduction of the Sat 1 program Alina Merkau. Find out what happened here! (FS)


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