The series revolves around the power of PlayStation 5

Another behind-the-scenes video of “Gran Turismo 7” can be found on the PlayStation channel. After series creator Kazunori Yamauchi has already talked about all the elements of a racing game, the focus today is on PS5 performance.

Gran Turismo 7: Series maker around the power of PlayStation 5

In today’s behind-the-scenes video, Kazunori Yamauchi, President of Polyphony Digital, discusses the new possibilities thanks to the PS5. According to him, the performance of the Sony console gives developers for the first time something that they sought to achieve in all previous branches.

More realistic than ever

Yamauchi notes that a level of realism has now been reached which is “tangible“Feel. For example, thanks to the functions of the controller, the feeling of braking can be completely reproduced. You will feel this, among other things, when the brakes close at a certain point and the adaptive resistance is deactivated as a result. These phenomena are supposed to be expressed by trigger buttons.

The ray tracing function of the Skype will be used. This allows your vehicles to be presented more beautifully. Previous recordings that were similar to CGI images should now look more realistic. In the video you can see some beautiful pictures that you can take with the “Scapes” function.

Of course, 4K resolution, frame rate of 60fps and HDR technology also guarantee a higher level of realism. Yamauchi feels it right away when he sets off on a virtual racetrack. He describes the very realistic feel of the game as “very noticeable„.

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In a previous interview, Yamauchi said that cross-gene development had no negative impact on the quality of the racing game. This is because it is a “very scalable game”, which can be seen, for example, when maintaining a frame rate. There is a big noticeable difference in loading times.

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Gran Turismo 7 will go on sale March 4, 2022 for PS5 and PS4. The first age classification was conducted in Australia at the end of November, which already indicates compliance with the specified publication date.

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