Kingdom Hearts 4: Square Enix bringt gefragtes Feature zurück

“Kingdom Hearts 4” will return reaction commands or quick time events that were excluded from its predecessor. Franchise manager Tetsuya Nomura referred to this in an interview, but without providing any in-depth information.

Kingdom Hearts 4: Square Enix brings back the popular feature

Kingdom Hearts 4 brings back the reaction commands – which basically means quick time events – after they were dropped in the previous part of the franchise.

In an interview with Famitsu Magazine Franchise director Tetsuya Nomura explained that after the release of Kingdom Hearts 3, he heard many voices “who wish to revive Reaction Orders.”

In the interview, Nomura confirmed that the scene from the first trailer in which Sora deforms his key blade into a drill-like attack is actually a reaction order. The main claim appears when the opponent charges his punches, after which the timely entry will trigger a devastating counterattack.

Details will be given later

When asked why the feature was shown as a black circle in the trailer, he replied, “Simply because we haven’t announced compatible models yet.”

Reaction commands have been introduced in Kingdom Hearts 2 as a new gameplay mechanism to update the combat system. They allowed the player to perform special or specific actions at certain moments of combat, or sometimes outside of combat. It’s not clear if Kingdom Hearts 4’s reaction commands are used in the same way as in the second game.

By the way, it wasn’t the only new details Nomura addressed in the interview. Because it is also revealed that the apartment in which we see Sora at the beginning of the game will serve as the “base” for the first parts of “Kingdom Hearts 4”. He also confirmed that the last command in the list of commands is for “build”, but he didn’t want to reveal any other information about it yet.

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who – which “Kingdom Hearts 4”, which was surprisingly announced a few days ago It is developed on the basis of Unreal Engine 5. The responsible publisher Square Enix has not disclosed the release date.

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