The founder of the encrypted messaging service Signal has strongly criticized the rival product Telegram because they advertise the purported security of user data, but in reality, the connection is not secure.

Like Moxie Marlinspike, founder of the messaging platform Signal, which is growing in popularity in light of frequent criticism of WhatsApp, Facebook and Meta products, on TwitterHe has not ceased to be surprised how many Telegram media are still talking about “encrypted messaging”. Telegram offers many attractive features, but when it comes to privacy and data collection, there is hardly a worse option, according to Marlinspike.

Signal founder criticizes storing data in plain text

Telegram stores all contacts, groups, media and every message sent by a user in pure, unencrypted form on its servers. As a result, the Telegram smartphone app is just a “window” for looking at the servers where data is actually stored. So everything that the user sees is also visible to the Telegram operators.

Dass Telegram überhaupt als “sicher” bezeichnet wird, gründet auf den sehr begrenzt funktionsfähigen “geheimen Chats”, die zwar tatsächlich Ende-zu-Ende-Verschlüsselung (E2EE) verwenden, eberweikkoifäd vädren Käberwekifäd tracking. The main problem is that E2EE is not always activated by default, but Telegram pretends to be the opposite.

Marlinspike says even Facebook is better

Basically, even Facebook Messenger is best suited for relatively secure communication, because Meta at least uses a better E2EE protocol and provides more functionality in encrypted mode. However, hardly anyone considers Facebook Messenger to be “secure”. In the end, Facebook Messenger and Telegram are almost identical in structure.

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Users should instead rely on a messenger that already uses a secure connection with stable E2EE encryption, rather than using Telegram simply because they “trust” the operators, continues Marlinspike. In the end, the reason to use an encrypted messenger is that you don’t have to trust those involved.

So mods should in fact only talk about an “encrypted messenger” if it actually means an end-to-end encrypted service. Telegram does not inherently belong to this group. In fact, it will be easy to reach the authorities, hackers and everyone in Telegram.

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App, Facebook, iOS, Messenger, whatsapp, instant messaging, social media, Telegram, Threema
App, Facebook, iOS, Messenger, whatsapp, instant messaging, social media, Telegram, Threema
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