Home Tech Kodi 19.4 (Matrix) released as final [Update: Changelog]

Kodi 19.4 (Matrix) released as final [Update: Changelog]

Kodi 19.4 (Matrix) released as final [Update: Changelog]

Kodi, the free media player software for TV, music, photos, and more has been updated to version 19.4 (Matrix). The download is already ready.

The latest release 19.3 came in October 2021. The official release note is still missing. But we’ll deliver it later, or you can search for it yourself on the Kodi blog. But changes can also happen github to read. [Update 5.03.]: Release note here now.

Kodi 19.4 Changes

  • Fixed home screen context menu when there are more than 10 items in the menu.
  • The search bar no longer disappears after 5 seconds when Kodi is paused using a remote application such as Kore or JSON.
  • Enter:
  • The semicolon is missing on the English keyboard.
  • Chinese keyboard characters are now displayed correctly.
  • Music Export artist discography to NFO.
  • PVR
  • Sorting method for recordings based on season and episode.
  • Crashes when navigating an empty program directory.
  • Hide/delete channel groups now works correctly.
  • user interface
  • All favorites of a restricted/locked media source are now hidden.
  • Blu-ray ISO title and viewing status are now displayed correctly.
  • Incorrect detection of language based on translation name fixed.
  • Video
  • EDL mute now works.
  • ACE translations are now displayed correctly.
  • Android specific features
  • Adjust the audio buffer.
  • Several stuttering/dropping issues have been fixed in TrueHD.
  • Linux special features DVD autoplay.
  • macOS Special Features Put the mouse pointer in full screen mode.
  • Windows specific problems
  • H.264 SD interlaced flashing on AMD GPUs.
  • Unexpected network configuration crash (eg MAC address not received).
  • Xbox Special Features
  • New: Voice Passing via WASAPI.
  • Permissions error preventing Python add-ons from being installed.
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Information and download:


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Kodi 19.4 (Matrix) released as final [Update: Changelog]


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