The future meets the Middle Ages at Roguelike Fabular •

The new roguelike Faluar blends the Middle Ages and the future together.

Futurism and the Middle Ages collide in the roguelike Fabular: One Upon A Spacetime from indie game studio Spiritus.

The action-packed game has just been announced and is set to enter early entry on PC later this year.

What is Fabular about?

At its core, Fabular is about a kingdom doomed to fail. To save it, set out on a journey across the galaxy.

There you complete hand-to-hand combat against spaceships, collect loot and improve your equipment.

The creators promised: “Enjoy a deep sci-fi view of the Middle Ages, where noble knights battle armored spaceships through a mixture of pixel art and hand-drawn illustrations.” “As the last remaining prince, the fate of the kingdom rests on your shoulders – and on your blade.”

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You are on your way to a procedurally created world where not only resources, but also your friends are few and far between. The combat takes place from a top-down perspective, we are talking about tactical and physics-based combat.

You can loot defeated opponents and you should definitely keep an eye on your resources so you don’t get stranded in the middle of the space. In order to gain advantages in other rounds, you unlock new blessings in the throne room that benefit you.

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