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Amazon’s digital voice assistant now has an additional voice option. The original sound is preserved and users can switch between the two options at any time. If the original voice was female, the new voice option can be used to switch to a male voice.

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Alexa male voice

Amazon has always emphasized in the past that Alexa has no gender and that she always avoids this in communication. Changing between the two voices now presented is done by voice with the “” command.Alexa, change your voiceCurrently, ComputerBase cannot switch to the new voice in a subjective experience, and Alexa is currently still answering.”I’m afraid I can’t change my voice.As usual, the rollout will take some time, so only the new sound will reach all users in the coming days. But if you want to make an impression on the new sound now, Amazon has prepared a short video for you.

With the new voice option, you can communicate with Alexa in German and English without having to change the device’s language settings via the Alexa app.

A male voice for Alexa actually appeared in the US in the summer, but no similar analogue was available for Germany. In addition, some celebrities in the US have submitted their voices to Alexa and dialects can also be activated.

The new activation word “Ziggy” is coming in 2022

With “Ziggy,” Alexa will also receive a new fifth activation word next year, which can be changed via the Alexa app as before. In addition to “Alexa” and “Ziggy”, the activation words “Computer”, “Echo” and “Amazon” are still available. Like all other activation words, “ziggy” can be used for both sound options. In the ad, Amazon did not explain why Ziggy was chosen. On the one hand, it is less well known than Alexa and an incorrect identification is unlikely, on the other hand, Amazon has always stood for “from the ground up”, which now also applies to the digital voice assistant. Or maybe there are only one or two David Bowie fans on the development team.

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Amazon has not yet set a more precise date for when “Ziggy” will be activated in Germany next year. Ziggy also popped up as a new refresher word in the USA in the middle of the year.


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