What about the new Apple MacBook Air and M2 chip?

Apple nearly finished its new Mac lineup with the M chip and only lost one Mac, the Mac Pro. Apple confirmed that this will come later.

MacBook Air 2022 with the M1 again?

However, the first M-Mac hardware upgrades are also scheduled, and this includes the MacBook Air. This was the first Mac that came out with the M1, and then Apple at the time put the M1 chip in the old housing.


A new design is planned for 2022, but the upgrade will likely be smaller than expected. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, we do not get a small LED panel. The new MacBook Air is said to come with an M1 chip again, which I find exciting.

That could mean we won’t see an M2 at all this year. Apple has now bundled the M1 lineup with the M1 Ultra, and we’re sure to see that chip in the Mac Pro. Sure, the M2 is planned, but if it doesn’t come with a new MacBook Air, I expect it to be closer to 2023.

What else can I imagine: Apple now has four chips to choose from and can freely combine them. So if you want to give your MacBook Air more power, you can do so with the M1 Pro, and then simply save the M1 Max for the Pro models. And in early 2023 we will see the full lineup of the M2 chipset.



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