International Women’s Day: Several demonstrations in Hamburg – News

International Women’s Day: Several demonstrations in Hamburg – News

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“Overloaded, unseen, underpaid” – this is the motto of many International Women’s Day events in Hamburg on Tuesday. Among other things, the union has called for a ver.di warning strike.

“Women are particularly vulnerable to epidemics, digital change and globalization in their working lives,” says Sandra Goldsmith, deputy regional manager for ver.di. Especially in the field of social and educational services. There is currently a collective bargaining going on with the staff here. So Ver.di has called for warning strikes on Tuesday. The demo train will move from the Elphilhormony to the Union Building in Bessenbinderhop from 11am.

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Audio: Multiple demos for International Women’s Day in Hamburg (1 minute)

Initiatives call for star demonstrations

The star-studded demonstration of the “Hamburg Alliance for the International March 8th Strike” in Gerhart-Hauptmann-Platz is scheduled for Monday evening. Among other things, the women’s organizations of the Northern Church, the State Women’s Forum and the umbrella organization for women and girls facilities, pro.

Author from Ukraine is attached

In the evening, the Hamburg Senate honored the commitment of numerous organizations, associations and private enterprises working for equal opportunities for women. During the Senate reception, a teacher from Odessa will be digitally connected to talk about the current situation of women in Ukraine.

Deliberate warning strikes at Hamburg day care centers for International Women’s Day

A spokesman for ver.di said staff had stopped working at a large number of facilities in the city of Hanseedik on Tuesday. Warning to parents The consequences of a strike depend on the company involved. Some day care centers are completely closed and some emergency treatments are set up. The strike in the aid sector for the disabled will continue on Tuesday. A spokeswoman said the union had deliberately chosen March 8, International Women’s Day, as the date for the warning strike, especially because women were active in the community.

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Women and men are still far from achieving equal pay. This is shown by the statistics of the Northern Statistics Office. Further

International Women's Day March 8, 1982 in Dசsseldorf.  © picture-alliance / dpa Photo: Glass Rose

Women have been fighting for more rights for over 100 years. In Germany, the first International Women’s Day was called in March 1911. (March 6, 2021) More

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