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The famous door now looks like an ordinary door • JPGAMES.DE

The famous door now looks like an ordinary door • JPGAMES.DE

Clouds apartment door in Final Fantasy VII Remake Achieve cult status. It’s been a meme for a long time and Square Enix knows it too. Today, a screenshot of the revised door in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade was submitted to social media for publicity purposes (and a day before publication). Contribute It has been shared and cited over 1500 times.

You may not have noticed anything about this section. The author noticed this right away. The textures around the door are, let’s say, befitting. But the door itself is completely washed. As if the texture has not yet been reloaded. But nothing happens. I remember reloading the game at the time because I thought something was wrong.

But in all honesty, this is not something that would in any way detract from the value of Final Fantasy VII Remake. It’s just a door. Some fans on social media still take it seriously. One of the first demands made under the tweet was that the door should also be fixed in the PS4 version. One user commented, “This fix shouldn’t be exclusive to the next generation.”

After all: door repair is free. If you own Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS4, you can download the next generation upgrade on PlayStation 5 for free. However, the PS Plus version of the game is not eligible for the next generation patch. You have to purchase the new content of Yuffie FF7 INTERmission separately.

This is what ‘Intergrade’ has to offer on PS5

Finally, Tetsuya Nomura showed us in person what you can expect with Yuffie at Intergrade and why the choice fell on Yuffie and not Vincent. We’ll get closer to Yuffie than before!

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In addition to new content, “Intergrade” on PS5 also offers better textures, better blur effects, and improved exposure. We’re also promised faster load times, and there will also be a photo mode.

Bildmaterial: Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, © 1997, 2020 Square Enix Co. , l. All rights reserved. Character design: TETSUYA NOMURA / ROBERTO FERRARI. Logo Illustration: © 1997 YOSHITAKA AMANO


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