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Communication makes the difference: In order to optimally transmit audio and video between the source and the playback device, you must know the types of connector. But the best connection is not always available on the device. Laptops, tablets, and smartphones often come with only one socket. If the device is missing a certain connection, an adapter can help. Our guide explains which video and audio jacks are important and shows you how to find the best adapter for your needs.

HDMI and DisplayPort

Televisions, laptops, and PC graphics cards are now equipped with at least one DisplayPort or HDMI connection. If the device’s source (output) and device input (such as a monitor) have the same type of connector, a corresponding cable is sufficient. But what if your older monitor or laptop only had one VGA or DVI port? Then it’s time for a suitable adapter.

We have listed the most important video converters in the overview table on the right. The HDMI format serves as a starting point, as this type is the most common connector standard. There are often DVI (Digital Video Interface) or VGA (Video Graphics Adapter) connections that are used on an old PC, laptop, or monitor. Corresponding converters are available starting at CHF 10.

If the connection does not provide an image, the repetition frequency or resolution may need to be adjusted to each other. For example, HDMI up to version 1.4a can operate at a resolution of 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) at a maximum of 30 Hz. With version 2.0 it is possible to go up to 60 Hz. The latest version of HDMI is 2.1. The connection cable must also comply with the latest HDMI standard in order to transmit 4K at 60Hz, for example. The certification can be seen directly on the HDMI cable or packaging.

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The current highest version of DisplayPort is 2.0. It allows a maximum resolution of 16K (15 360 x 8460 pixels). At the moment, DisplayPort 1.4 is especially popular, which enables 4K to 120Hz.

Attention: Due to the lack of space, small and micro HDMI ports are often included in portable devices. Be sure to check this out before purchasing an adapter.

short and good

First check the connector size and version on the devices. If the version is not visible, it is worth looking at the manual for the device or the manufacturer’s website. Also, make sure that the connection cable supports the required resolution.

Audio Connectors & Adapters

audio connections

The two most important audio jacks on PCs, laptops, cell phones, and TVs are the cinch and the 3.5mm jack. Both have been standard in sound for years. It is important to note that an electrically transmitted analog signal has an initial advantage over other types of signals in that it is not only transmitted without loss but can also be reproduced without any loss in signal quality. In practice, the splitting is done using a Y-transformer and multiple splitters.

The most important adapters include double or multiple adapters for socket outputs. With such distributors, cell phones and MP3 players, for example, can pass the cable signal to two pairs of headphones.

3.5mm jack audio adapters for stereo sealing are also common. With these audio adapters, laptops or mobile phones can be connected to amplifier inputs or A/V receivers via the audio output.

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In addition to these classic audio adapters, smartphones with a USB-C to jack or Lightning to jack adapter (iPhones) have another type of adapter. With this, wired headphones with plugs can still be used, even if the cell phone only has a USB or Lightning socket.

wireless adapters

Increasingly, audio and video signals are also being transmitted wirelessly. But not all televisions or monitors actually have an onboard radio unit. Transformers also help here.

Bluetooth on jack (3.5 mm)

Audio signals can also be transmitted with Bluetooth. Bluetooth to jack adapters make older devices radio compatible. The application area targets the mobile and tablet segment. These audio signals are sent via Bluetooth to transducers connected to the high head input of the audio system. This is where the signal is fed, which is then used to reproduce it through the system’s amplifiers. So you can use z. NS. Listen to Spotify on your home system.

Wi-Di Adapter (Miracast)

With a so-called Wi-Di (wireless display) adapter from Microsoft, you can cast all of your screen content from a tablet, laptop, or smartphone to a TV or monitor via Wi-Fi and Miracast technology. Wi-Di adapter connected to a monitor, TV or monitor via USB and HDMI and connected to the source device via radio. The connection works at a distance of up to 7 meters. The source device must support Wi-Di / Miracast.


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