‘Without him we’ll make it’: Kimmich asks his last essential question on Löw

Joshua Kimmich appears to have been pulled from midfield to the right in the national team at the European Football Championship. The primary question about his location has immediate consequences for other DFB stars. National coach Joachim Loew is finally facing a tough decision.

Manuel Neuer, Antonio Rudiger, Mats Hummels, Matthias, Ginter, Joshua Kimmich, Toni Kroos, Ilkay Gundogan, Ruben Goossens, Kai Havertz, Thomas Muller, Serge Gnabry. Is this the starting lineup for Germany to enter the European Championship against France on June 15?

“Of course most of the players will be on the field,” national team coach Joachim Loew said after the rehearsal for the 7-1 victory over Latvia.

It remains unclear whether Löw would dare play in a 3-4-3 system against France – with the wingers expanding the defensive structure into a five-man streak and having great freedom in attack. This is the decisive difference in a 4-2-3-1 game with sixty and two “clear” full backs.

Kimmich in the DFB team: Replacing Lahm?

There are only numbers on the chessboard, in any case, each elastic team, as it is called at present, must be able to adjust the situation, as opposed to being inherent in the system. However, the stats change, not least because in 3-4-3 a position breaks up in the middle field.

Which brings us to Joshua Kimmish.

In the test against Latvia, the Bayern Munich star moved from the center to the right, a nervous problem area for the DFB team. Loew knows that seven years after winning the World Cup, he’s facing déjà vu. Kimmich is the new actor for the role of old Lam, a classic cinema, so to speak, and the events seem likely to be the same.

“With Joshua you know that – whether he’s midfield, right or even back – he simply doesn’t need a start-up time. That makes his class,” Löw said, aptly speaking of “Philipp Lahm’s coordination, who also moved from left to right. He can play all positions.”

Kimmich on the right ‘much better than any other option’

Kimmich is Germany’s top six, but at 3-4-3 as Gosens’s counterpart at the same time represents the perfect right-side cast. The welfare problem remains: a problem.

It was similar in 2014 with Lahm, who preferred to form a midfield before taking pity on playing right-back again for the team as a whole. The story did not end badly.

Now, according to “Bild,” Löw is actually plotting with Kimmich on the far right, playing mostly Ginter or Lukas Klostermann – solid to decent, not world class. For Lahm, “Kimesh’s best position is in front of the defence”, but sees misappropriation as “a good consideration. With Kroos and Gundogan, the national team has leaders and thinkers from Real and Man City in their ranks”.

Bastian Schweinsteiger theorizes that Kimmich’s advantages over the right compensate for the disadvantages without Kimmich in the middle. The 26-year-old on the right is “still much better than any other option”, says the ARD expert, who “always suspected” Löw would opt for this alternative due to the lack of better alternatives in the European leagues.

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Kimmich not in the middle: Schweinsteiger would be ‘very sorry’

Schweinsteiger, who used to be a midfield driver, would be “very sorry” for Kimmich to pull out of that ventricle. At least “lining up with a chain of five on the right wing is a bit more offensive, and it’s also better for Joshua.”

Meanwhile, former national player Freddy Bobic is convinced that Kimmich can develop his strengths especially in the three-back position. “I see it very clearly on the right,” says Bobic on MagentaTV. “And I hope it turns out exactly like that.”

In this way, Kimmich becomes a key question alongside Leroy Sané, who has seemingly lost his usual spot – because his position as an anchor for all considerations has immediate consequences.

“Without Kimmich, France will overrun us.”

Without Kimimch, the Center lacks a lot of durability. Are Kroos, who has recovered from the coronavirus, and Gundogan, who shines in an offensive role at City, as barriers against a concentrated French force?

How about Leon Goretzka, Kimmich’s tandem partner at Bayern, who is not an option for the match against France after tearing his hamstring – but for the other group matches against Portugal (June 19) and Hungary (June 23)? How does Muller affect personal choice and tactical formation at the interface between midfield and attack?

On t-online, former national team coach Berti Vogts had a completely different opinion on Lahm, Schweinsteiger and Bobic: “The middle should be tough against France. That doesn’t work with the Gundogan/Kroos duo because they both headed very aggressively. Without Kimmich At headquarters, France will beat us.”

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Löw is finally faced with a difficult decision.

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