Hospital pressure is at its lowest since October

By with AFP

France’s public health authority recorded 13,526 people hospitalized in total on Wednesday, a drop of 47% in one month. And that number hasn’t fallen to that level since October 21

The number of people hospitalized with COVID-19 continued to decline on Wednesday, with pressure reaching its lowest level since the end of October, according to data published by France’s public health authority.

The health agency included a total of 13,526 people hospitalized, a drop of 47% in one month (they were 25,800 at the time). That number has not fallen to that level since October 21.

Similarly, critical care services, which treat the most serious cases, received 2,326 patients on Wednesday, half the number a month ago. This number is the lowest since October 22.

The outbreak killed 65 people in the past 24 hours in hospital (up from 72 on Tuesday and 96 a week ago), bringing the total number of deaths to 83,802 in hospital and a total of 110,231 since then. The onset of the disease, early 2020. The number of infections reached 5,557 confirmed cases within 24 hours.

The positivity rate for the past seven days was 2.3%, down from 3.1% the previous Wednesday. The improvement in the situation is due, among other things, to the progress of vaccination. According to the General Directorate of Health, 29,056,963 received a first injection.

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