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Hanfman – Public Tennis Tip

Hanfman – Public Tennis Tip

He only got the biggest 15 at Winston-Salem against the Finns! There were even 19 against Nishigori a few weeks ago. If his serve comes and the concentration is right, it is very difficult to beat him.

By the way, he achieved the best result in 2019 when Public came to the 3rd round in New York. He has no more experience than Honfman, and for the third time after 2020 he will only be in the key field.

Coincidentally, it has been a year since the two enemies first met. Recorded in Kitzbühel Betting friends A 7-5, 6-2 German, but in the sand.

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This time Hoffman will have to fight back on the tough court. Unfortunately at this point I can’t draw a shaped curve. As we went from public production competition to production competition, outsiders took a little break.

One thing is clear: the two did not play often at the US Open. The fact that only Hoffmann won the direct fight should not play a big role. Book makers, including German racing license holders Provided by Winamax, See the Kazakhs clearly in front.

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