Duisburg Zoo: The little panda exploded! “Do not try to catch an animal”

These are the five largest zoos in Germany

These are the five largest zoos in Germany

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Shock im Duisburg Zoo!

The most famous animal is no longer in its enclosure and is missing. Now he sees Duisburg Zoo After him.

Not a popular animal at the Duisburg Zoo

As the zoo announced, on Thursday (July 1) morning it was already discovered that a small panda was no longer aiming for it. “The search for the zoo began in the morning and is currently ongoing,” the Duisburg Zoo continued.


That’s it Duisburg Zoo:

  • Founded in 1934
  • More than 100 employees
  • A total of 6862 animals Duisburg Zoo
  • Known for its dolphinarium among others
  • About one million visitors a year


So far, however, the search operations have unfortunately not been crowned with success. It is not yet clear why the animal was able to leave its place on the zoo grounds. Could not find a defect or similar in the system.

Duisburg Zoo: The little panda went missing

The small pandas are about 50 cm long and have their tails and weigh up to five kilos. They are completely harmless to humans. Small pandas are also often found on trees.


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The little panda, currently missing at the Duisburg Zoo under the name “Zhang”, is thought to be perched on top of numerous trees on the zoo grounds.

However, if he has already left the premises and is spotted by people, the Duisburg Zoo calls the Duisburg police phone number (0203 – 2800) and asks for information. Passers-by should not attempt to catch the animal, but should immediately contact the Duisburg Zoo. Soon “Zhang” is found and can return safely to his premises at the zoo. (GB)


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