Home Tech The Elder Scrolls 6 years away? Now the head of Xbox is talking

The Elder Scrolls 6 years away? Now the head of Xbox is talking

The Elder Scrolls 6 years away?  Now the head of Xbox is talking

How long will we have to wait for The Elder Scrolls 6 to be released? Now the head of Xbox speaks his views and gives bleak prospects.

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vom update 04. August 2021:

A few weeks ago, Bethesda Executive Producer Todd Howard made it clear to fans that The Elder Scrolls 6 is coming a long time. Now the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer spoke in an interview and explained how long we’ve been At least still You must wait for the next RPG strike.

According to Spencer, the Xbox-exclusive Starfield, Fable and Avowed role-playing games will appear on Xbox before The Elder Scrolls 6. Starfield is currently planned for a release on November 11, 2022, while Fable and Avowed are not expected until 2023. So Elder Scrolls fans can assume that TES 6 Not until 2024 or even later Will appear.

The full interview with Phil Spencer can be found here in the video:

Original article:

The Elder Scrolls 6: Development Will Take Years

After confirmation in 2016, Bethesda announced at E3 2018 that the studio was working on a new Elder Scrolls game, but cautioned that there was still a way to go. The technology will not yet be available to achieve what was planned – The question arises about the ambitious plans that the studio has.

Five years have passed and the situation has not changed yet. In an interview with telegraph Howard said that Bethesda is still working on the technologyThose who preferred The Elder Scrolls 6 will order.

“It’s good that The Elder Scrolls 6 is still officially in the design phase. We’re thinking about the style: ‘Will the match do what we want to do?’ Every game will need new technology, so The Elder Scrolls 6 will need some additions to the Creation Engine 2” Howard said.

You can play other games until release – in this series of photos we show you why this is a good thing:

Abbey Manuscripts: Which Business Is More Starfield?

Bethesda’s Creativity Engine 2 will debut in the upcoming science fiction RPG, Starfield, and the studio is currently focused on work on this project. “Both projects are intertwined, but most of the work is in Starfield now,” Howard says.

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Starfield is expected to appear in November 2022 – So The Elder Scrolls 6 will be released sometime after that. We will keep you updated.

The official Starfield teaser – get the first impression:

How is everyone? Are you looking forward to Starfield or would you like another The Elder Scrolls 6? Visit us on Facebook and write us your opinion in the comments.


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