Big update coming, new date set live

After a long dry period, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has new features coming. As Nintendo announced in a Direct release that aired a few weeks ago, a sweeping November update is planned that will add additional content to simulate life on the Nintendo Switch. Now it’s clear: the new live episode, which is primarily about the Animal Crossing: New Horizons update, will take place on October 15. There is a time available as well: Presentation will start at 4pm. So next week, Friday, life simulation fans will discover the free content they can expect.

Nintendo announced on Twitter: “The approximately 20-minute presentation will provide information on additional content for Animal Crossing New Horizons coming out in November. (Buy now 55,98 euros) “The publisher is still holding back from concrete information. One thing is already certain: the update planned for November will bring Kofi Café to the island. The cute pigeon will probably open its famous café in the museum. Kofi has also given gifts in the New Leaf series to delicious coffee in the museum – i.e. When the museum has a second floor and enough exhibits.

The café will also likely become a New Horizons islanders’ meeting place. It is not excluded if you are allowed to work in the cafe yourself. This was possible at New Leaf after visiting the cafe several times. Players can earn one or two by serving the waiter. We’ll soon discover what other content will be playing with the November update. The exact download date of the live version must also be announced.

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