The coach's career is in luck: Leipzig turns the game

ninth round

Christopher Nkunko (left) of Leipzig and Sebastian Griesbeck of Fürth in a vertical duel.

© Jan Woitas / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa

After the worst first half under coach Jesse Marsh, RB Leipzig turned the Bundesliga match against SpVgg Greuther Fürth and secured a secure win with 4:1 (0:1).

RB Leipzig – Branimir Harjuta deserved to lead the visitors with a controversial penalty in the 45th minute. Josef Poulsen, who had just been substituted, equalized in the 46th minute. Emil Forsberg, who celebrated his 30th birthday on Saturday, scored a penalty that Poulsen lost after 53 minutes. Finally, Dominic Zubuszlai (65th) and Hugo Nova (88th), who were also on the field, met in front of 24,758 spectators at the Red Bull Arena, which was all sold out. Forth is still waiting for his first win of the season.

Marsh sent Benjamin Henrichs, who had recently attracted public criticism due to his short turnaround times, to turf from the start. Compared to 2:3 in the Champions League in Paris, Josco Gvardiol, Forsberg and Andre Silva were also new to the starting lineup.

But the hosts very quickly deviated from the correct path, which Marsh admitted in Paris. Nothing met in the first half. Forth coach Stephen Little has adjusted his team very well. With the pressure already in the opposing half, the guests impressed the right-back RB, who barely managed to score a goal. In the Leipzig match, there was a lack of movement, the passing game was inaccurate, and there was almost no regular build up of the match.

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On the other hand, Forth acted as a home team. Spielvereinigung made a lot of mistakes by the Saxons and created some chances. Jeremy Dodziak (sixth) with a big header chance, Jimmy Loehling (13) with a long-range shot, Hargota with a long leg (16) and Cedric Itten (42) alone in front of Peter Golassi had the best shot chances. Even if the penalty’s origin was questionable – Nordi Mukele fell out of the air after a vertical defense on Living standing below him – Franks’ first-half lead was well-deserved.

Marsh responded to the break, and Muhammad Simakan and Joseph Poulsen brought in new powers for Henrix and Kevin Campbell and wanted to stimulate the offensive game. She succeeded in managing. Poulsen turned a pass from Silva into the back of the Forth defense standing in the penalty area. Paulsen continued to apply pressure. Maximilian Bauer managed to drag the Dane to the ground after just 51 minutes, and Forsberg converted the penalty to his 51st goal at right-back RB. The Swede also scored his first goal in Leipzig in August 2015 against Fürth.

At the same time as the RB was running, Fürth lost its power and ideas. Although the climber struggled to get ahead, the accuracy slipped out of the way. Also because Marsh has continued to be successful with his changes. Szoboszlai, who came to Forsberg just a few seconds ago, finally led RB to the winning path after a dream mix and returned the final result with a fine pass to Nova. dpa


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