Home Top News Up to 48 degrees! Vacation countries groan under record temperatures

Up to 48 degrees! Vacation countries groan under record temperatures

Up to 48 degrees!  Vacation countries groan under record temperatures
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No end in sight to the heatwave in Italy: yet
There is no end in sight to the heat wave in Italy: after Cerberus, Charon takes its place. Weather experts predict historical temperatures in Rome (glyph). © Francesco Fotia / imago

Heat waves torment holiday countries in Europe. Cerberus is making Italy, Spain and Greece suffer. There is no relaxation in sight, the next one is already approaching.

Munich – Italy records record temperatures in the weather. It is currently 43.5 degrees in Sardinia. Temperatures can now reach 48.8 degrees. The red warning applies to ten cities, including Rome, Bologna and Florence. The current heat wave “Cerberus” – named after the four-headed hellhound Cerberus in Greek mythology – is causing severe weather. The Italian weather portal predicted that “Charon” (Italian: Caronte) would break all temperature records starting this weekend. ilmeteo.it.

Cerberus hits southern Europe: Spain is suffering from a heat wave

Temperatures in Spain reach 45 degrees for days. At night, the values ​​\u200b\u200bdo not cool below 25 degrees. In a satellite image of the European weather monitoring program Copernicus, 60 degrees Celsius was measured in the Extremadura region on Tuesday.

According to information from the Spanish national weather service Aemet, the worst of the heat wave is over. However, temperatures in the Iberian Peninsula will be above 36 degrees on Thursday. Spain is used to the heat. The typical season temperature is 35°C or more in the southern regions.

But this summer is not normal even for Spain – at least according to the data, Aemet tweeted. In Valencia, the weather service recorded a temperature anomaly for July of over 1.9°C. Compared to average normal values ​​from 1991 to 2020, the current value has been higher every day. In June, the Met Service recorded its first “Ola De Calor”.

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Greece is preparing for a heat wave – the Acropolis is closed to vacationers

Temperatures in Greece have been well above 37 degrees for several days. The red alert level has been in effect since Monday, and the Greek Meteorological Service expects the current heat wave to peak on Friday with maximum values ​​of 44°C. The heat is expected to continue until the middle of next week. A drop in temperatures is expected in the east and north of the country.

The Acropolis and other archaeological sites are scheduled to be closed during the heat period from 12 noon to 5 pm, as ordered by the Ministry of Culture in light of the looming heat wave. Tickets already booked will be refunded, according to a recent statement. Tourists have to forgo donkey rides or trekking excursions when temperatures range between 35 and 39 degrees in the shade. During heatwaves of this nature, the Greek Ministry of Agriculture has instituted strict “working animal” rules.

Heat wave in Italy – “Sharon” succeeds “Sherberos” with scorching heat

“Charon”, in Greek mythology, is a ferryman who, for a fee, ferries the dead across the River Acheron to the entrance to the underworld. The name of the next heat wave does not bode well. Weather experts warn of a severe heat wave of up to 43 degrees in Rome. It will be a historical value for the Italian capital. The record is 40 degrees.

48 degrees in Sardinia

It may be 48 degrees in Sardinia! It gets very hot in Puglia, Basilicata and Sicily. Along the Adriatic coast it reaches 47 degrees. Only African high pressure Charon will dominate Italy’s weather on Sunday (July 16), however, before Cerberus makes Italians sweat. In Germany, too, there is no end in sight to the heat. At the weekend, the next heat peak also threatens in this country.

Blistering heat and thunderstorms: the weather in Italy is full of contrasts

Despite the persistent heat, some regions in Italy are struggling with the passage of a storm front. A huge hail thundered from the sky in South Tyrol. The storm hit Venice on Wednesday evening. Trees were downed and roofs covered in strong winds of up to 130 km/h. The Italian firefighters were called in by the storm. According to their own statements, Vigili del Fuoco had logged more than 200 missions by Thursday morning.

The orange alert continues Thursday (July 13) in northern Italy. In Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, the Autonomous Province of Trento, the Autonomous Province of Bolzano and Friuli Venezia Giulia, the Civil Protection warns again of heavy thunderstorms with heavy rain, hail and strong gusts of wind. (Ml)


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