Los Angeles Lakers Russell is set to make a trade for Westbrook! According to standard media reports, Star Guard will become the 2020 Champion, and after lengthy negotiations the details for the trade have now been determined.

The Lakers send Kyle Kuzma, Kentavius ​​Caldwell-Pope and Montreal Harrell to the capital, and the witches receive the Lakers’ 22nd choice. In return, the second round exams will go to Los Angeles in 2024 and 2028.

According to Adrian Wozniacki, the deal should be financially viable (ESPN) Pulled out his player option for $ 9.7 million.

A contract between the teams was also delayed because Lacrace was still in talks with the Sacramento Kings about a package for the Snapper Barry Heald.

The Los Angeles Lakers captured Russell Westbrook

According to Shams Sarania (AthleteWestbrook wants a trade with the guides after a season, and the Lakers should be his favorite place. Playmaker drove for the third time in his career last season, averaging 22.2 points, 11.7 assists and 11.5 rebounds.

Washington can gain more flexibility through a trade. Westbrook is set to earn $ 44.2 million next season and another player optional $ 47.1 million. With the money saved, the guides want to unite the best team for Brandley Peel, the shooting guard may have been thinking about the business need for the past few days.

Officially, the agency will be free until August 6 and will not be able to trade until the official start of the new season. The reason for this is Kyle Kuzma, the contract extension has been in effect since last December. The 26-year-old is three years old and has signed 39 million.

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