Police on a large scale
Many at TU Dormstad drank poison

They all ate and drank something in a building in TU Darmstadt – and then needed medical help. Police are on high alert and searching for other victims. The reason is not yet clear.

Many at the University of Technology in Dormstad poisoned themselves. Seven people had “serious health problems, including signs of poisoning,” according to police in the southern Hesian city. For one person, the situation was temporarily complicated, but is now back to normal, a police spokesman said. Six people have to be cared for in a hospital. They all ate or drank something in a building at the university before. Police have launched a large-scale operation and the investigation is in full swing.

Authorities warned others that they could suffer from poor health and “blue discoloration of the joints.” If such symptoms occur, call an emergency physician immediately. But those who ate or drank something in the university building L201 on Monday should also see a doctor.

According to investigators, seven people who developed symptoms of intoxication consumed various foods and beverages in the L201 building. Initially, police did not release further details about the incident.

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