“Who’s stealing the show from me?” (ProSieben): The situation in the studio is improving – “I’m sorry for this game”

January 4, 2022 at 7:59 p.m.

It was a TV hit called “The Masked Singer”.

It was a TV hit called “The Masked Singer”.

The launch of the new TV show “The Masked Singer” brought ProSieben great ratings. We explain what the show is about.

Show description

Well, it starts well. In the starting line of the new season “Who is stealing the show from me?“Moderator Joko Winterscheidt has to endure a lot.

From January 4, comedian Ange Engelke, singer Mark Forster and It-Boy Ricardo Simonetti will line up to steal the show from Joko. But before it goes that far, the situation “Who is stealing the show from me?“-Studio already.

“Who’s stealing the show from me?”

Before the game “Who is stealing the show from me?“Candidates should sing their answers aloud and in detail on the megaphone, and then the first excitement begins. As Mark Forster holds the blowpipe in his hand, “Ar *** hole!” Shouts.

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The ProSieben star can still laugh about it, but after a while everything falls apart. Anke Angelke holds the megaphone very close to his sound device, triggering an almost painful continuous beeping. “And the man in the tone right now is: ‘I’m sorry for this game,'” Ricardo Simonetti jokes.

The stars can not get enough of the gossip bags, to give a chance to presenter Joko, who speaks wildly and rarely tries to explain the rules of the game to them – until it suddenly gets too loud in the TV studio.

Who is stealing the show from me?“-Administrator seriously:” I’ll give you the show right away

As Mark Forster goes to say the next cake through the megaphone, Joko Windsheid whistles loudly with his fingers and roars excitedly: “Quiet!” Startled, Mark opens his eyes and puts the trumpet back on his desk.

“Children, you are beating me. If it goes like this, I will show it immediately. You do not have to fight it, I’m done, ”Joko agrees, and he can not help but laugh.

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And “Who stole the show from me?”:


Whether Joko Winterscheidt will actually drop his show without a fight and who will be allowed to neutralize it next week will be shown in the course of the show.

“Who’s stealing the show from me?” Runs on ProSieben on Tuesdays at 8:15 pm. Did you miss the project? You can watch the whole chapter Join Media Library.

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