Home Top News A heart made of sheep: a farmer filming a video farewell to his sick aunt

A heart made of sheep: a farmer filming a video farewell to his sick aunt

A heart made of sheep: a farmer filming a video farewell to his sick aunt

Updated on 08/26/2021 at 5:10pm.

  • A farmer from Australia has brought something special to say goodbye to a dying relative.
  • Because of the aura’s actions, cultivators could no longer visit them.
  • That’s why he created a touching video message with a thousand sheep.

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Because of the lockdown, an Australian farmer can no longer visit his dying relative in the neighboring state. Instead, send an impressive video message. Main Actor: Thousand Sheep.

Australia Not only has its outer borders closed due to the coronavirus pandemic — there has also been no corridor between individual states for weeks due to the recent outbreak of Variable Delta. In most cases this is at least annoying. But when it comes to saying goodbye to a loved one, as in the case of Ben Jackson, special measures are required.

The farmer from Gera in northeastern New South Wales knew he would never have a chance to visit his aunt Deb. Because this was dying in Brisbane, more than 400 km away – in the neighboring state of Queensland and therefore inaccessible.

So Jackson created something, among other things, as Britain’s Guardian newspaper reported: a heart made of sheep. “In these Covid times, no one can prepare you for the pain of closing borders. Not being able to say ‘goodbye’. Not being there when you go. It’s very difficult,” he was quoted as saying.

A heart made of sheep: an Australian farmer took a few tries

The farmer had already taken drone photos of herds of sheep in the past and plotted the forage in such a way that the animals were feeding on certain shapes from a great height. Several of his sheep are currently pregnant and need extra food anyway – and so the idea for Heart was born.

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Along with two assistants, Jackson laid down food and then released his flock. According to the farmer, the first attempts left much to be desired. “The first time it looked like a ‘trivial’ emoji,” he told The Guardian. “And even if my aunt had a good sense of humor, it wasn’t quite the right thing.”

On the fourth attempt, the desired drone image was obtained. Fascinating photographs were shown at the funeral – under them was laid the “Bridge over Troubled Waters” by Simon and Garfunkel.

“When I saw the result, I really shed a few tears,” Jackson said. He initially posted the video on his Instagram channel. After tens of thousands of visits, the Australian media has also become aware of the farewell artwork.

“The reaction on the network has been: There are a lot of people who need a little encouragement right now,” Jackson said.

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