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theas Vegas (dpa) – Technology group Bosch wants to fully equip its product portfolio with artificial intelligence (AI) by 2025 or use AI in production. This was announced Tuesday by Tanya Ruckert, head of digital services at the Bosch Group, at an online press conference as part of the CES technology show in Las Vegas.

As a specific example of the use of artificial intelligence, Ruckert cited the Bosch SoundSee sensor system, which has been in space since the end of 2019 to filter out unusual noises on the ISS. Using artificial intelligence algorithms, noise is analyzed to see when maintenance is required.

AI-powered noise analysis will also be used as a diagnostic tool in pediatrics in the future. Sensors and algorithms must be adapted so that they can detect lung diseases such as asthma at an early age by listening to and assessing breathing patterns. “Improving children’s health with innovative technology – that’s what we mean by high-tech,” said Mike Mansuite, President of Bosch North America.

Ruckert said that in addition to artificial intelligence, Bosch is primarily focused on communication. With the beginning of the year, all categories of electronic products from Bosch can be connected to the network. Working with devices for the smart home is growing strongly. “Sales of grid-connected electrical appliances, home appliances and heating alone have halved within a year — from four million in 2020 to more than six million in 2021,” Ruckert said.

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Bosch is digitizing its core business in order to increase customer benefits. Findings from data and network analysis should aid continuous product improvement. For example, the performance of e-bikes equipped with Bosch technology can be improved through updates via mobile phone connections even after they have been sold.

Bush expects the strategy to further improve economic outcomes. “Going forward, we want to drive a service revenue from every sales made using digital products,” Ruckert said. Through the Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence (BCAI), the company has built a strong AI unit in seven locations, which is already making a positive profit contribution of around 300 million euros.

Bosch had originally planned the CES press conference in Las Vegas as a face-to-face event, but due to current developments, it has shifted to an online conference. The German company is represented at the technology fair with a pavilion.

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