Hodophobia was interviewed by a psychologist: why many people fear travel

We all have a comfort zone where we feel comfortable. This is the area where we have familiar routines and are protected from challenges. However, when we step out of our comfort zone, we enter new and unfamiliar territory. This may be uncomfortable at first, but it allows us to grow and have new experiences. When traveling, we can consciously expand our comfort zone in four steps. First, we need to specifically name our fear of travel and understand what we are afraid of. Is it the flying, theft, exotic animals, or an unfamiliar environment in general? Once we know our fear better, we can prepare for it in a targeted way. It can help to take safety precautions, like choosing a window seat on the plane or bringing our own pillow. A comprehensive search around the destination can also provide security. These actions give us control and strengthen our self-confidence so we can feel comfortable in the new environment faster. In order to overcome the fear of travel, we must also set small goals so as not to overwhelm ourselves. It’s about expanding your comfort zone, not leaving it completely.

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